The Art of Journaling

Journaling has always been something that I have tried to incorporate into my daily life for as long as I can remember. As a child, whenever I saw characters from the disney channel writing in their diaries and journals, I would feel motivated to start doing exactly that… only to forget after a few days.

Starting from 2017, I got into the habit of writing in my journal whenever I felt out of place. I would pour out all my feelings and frustrations into these pages… leaving with a much lighter heart afterward. However, it wasn’t until 2020 that I started to journal every other day (or more when I felt inclined to).

I never knew that something so simple could change my life. Journaling allowed me to analyze my thoughts and figure out the root of my problems and feelings. It shed light on things that I have always kept hidden inside me (to the point I forgot they were there) …and once these were translated into words in pages, it felt as if an unbearable amount of rocks were being unloaded from me. Getting lost while writing these words allowed me to find myself…

Thoughts can be deceiving. Once you let yourself get immersed into these thoughts, finding the way out can be so challenging. That’s where the art of journaling comes in. Writing out your thoughts allows you to become rational and unclouded by making you reflect without feeling so overwhelmed… With every single word that you write, it slows and calms you down. It helps you learn more about yourself by reflecting on the past and present, therefore leaving the future for the better.

The gift of journaling is something that I would give to everyone if I could. I encourage whoever is reading this to grab a pen and a book to start writing whatever is in your thoughts. Who knows… you might start learning new things about you and start healing parts of yourself that you thought you never could. Regardless, I can promise you that journaling will change your life as much as it did mine.